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"Micah was incredibly detail-oriented and collaborative, working with me to create a project plan that balanced the needs of our learners with an understanding of the content we were instructing on. Micah is deeply passionate about communication and learning..."

Miryam Coppersmith

Lead Instructor

Makom Community

"Micah is an exceptional team member, inspiring all of us with his passion for learning and growing. His determination and unique contributions have immensely enriched our team capabilities."

Dmitriy Kornatovsky

Head of Education


"I honestly believe that Micah has translated the thoughts and feelings of [our entire team] with 2 simple infographics/workflows... I really love it with all my heart 🤩"

Marco C.

Employee Education Manager



eLearning Design

eLearning for nonprofit, corporate, and more

Game Design

Games for playing solo or social

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