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In this zero gravity platformer, an astronaut must navigate the wreckage of their space station and discover what in the hell impacted it. Throw debris. Release oxygen. Do whatever you must to get to the escape pod- and mind the vines.

Narrative Design by Micah Greenleaf

Programming by Kai Kleinbard & Micah Greenleaf

Art/UI by Daniel Huang

Music & SFX by Tommaso Annoni

Story & Music by Micah Greenleaf 

Programming by Kai Kleinbard & Micah Greenleaf

Art by Nicole Terrier & Emily Wolchko 

The Captain's Orders 

This branching narrative adventure pays homage to Star Trek and 80's Sci-Fi. As the Captain of the Gyrfalcon, you must make decisions to ensure the success of your mission, and the survival of your crew. But when a wormhole reshapes your reality, you become your own greatest danger. Choose your name. Discover multiple win and lose states. Unravel the mystery of a strange new dimension.

Item Spy

In this prosocial Zoom game, players share stories about their possessions in order to match a given theme and win points. This game is designed to encourage vulnerability and authentic connection in a safe, player controlled manner. 

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by Micah Greenleaf
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