My Story as a Game Designer

I have long been interested in storytelling through games. TellTale Games' The Walking Dead title gave me a new view on interactive storytelling, and after meeting Adam Esquenazi Douglas (award winning playwright and Telltale writer), a whole new career opened up to me. I was inspired to write more immersive and interactive theatrical pieces (The Wedding Shift), and began teaching myself to write in Twine in 2021.

In Spring 2022, I developed my first original games as part of a certificate in Learning Design & Technology from the Harvard Extension School. The first was Item Spy, a Zoom icebreaker game in which players share personal stories on a theme. Next came The Captain's Orders, a Sci-Fi branching narrative game about time travel, dimensional rifts, and the hard decisions a spaceship captain must make in the line of duty. Finally, I developed Vertigo with Daniel Huang and Kai Kleinbard. Vertigo is a zero gravity puzzle platformer with unique movement mechanics and plant-based alien lifeforms.

In Spring 2023, I signed on as Narrative Designer for indie game project Icopult, a mobile destroyer game set in a modern urban fantasy world, with themes of housing disparity, belonging, and loyalty. We aim to launch in early 2024.

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by Micah Greenleaf
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