My Story as a Playwright

I wrote my first play in 8th grade (The Foxwoods Dilemma) and saw it professionally staged the following summer as a Finalist for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's Young Playwrights Festival. Little did I know how that moment would direct the next decades of my life. Attending Ithaca College as a Theatre Studies BA, I developed many one act plays, including two productions (McWalmazon, Roommates) and one literary magazine publication (Organic). A semester at the O'Neill's National Theater Institute produced a one act musical (Mic, Check, Mate) and, frankly, some not very good short plays. A semester in London led to an internship at the Little Angel Theatre, an Assistant Directorship on a workshop for the new musical Brothers by Arnoud Breitbarth, and my attendance of 65+ live shows over the course of 4 months.

Since moving to Philadelphia in 2018, I have begun development of my parkour musical (Concrete Rising) and showcased original songs at the You Can't Fail artist showcase. During an internship with PlayPenn's 2019 New Play Conference, I had a second reading of my one act mental health play (Roommates). I wrote my immersive catering musical (The Wedding Party) at the Ch√Ęteau du Poigny Residency with Jacqueline Goldfinger in March 2020. I completed my first branching narrative video game (The Captain's Orders) at the Benalmadena Residency with Jacqueline Goldfinger in March 2022.

I am excited to announce that Brock Viering and I have received a commission for our original musical, Milton, about the life of Milton Hershey and the town that carries his legacy. It will have its World Premiere in Summer 2023.

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