Learning Designer

I discovered the field of instructional design halfway through the pandemic. Since that joyous introduction in 2021, I have dedicated myself to the craft and art of learning design. I believe that games capture something essential about human motivation and learning, and I am dedicating my career to the dual exploration of games & learning (gamification, ludology, serious games, you name it) and the creation of tools and resources to support the improvement of society at any level.

My learning designer career path looks something like this...

  • Spring 2021: Discovered and began researching Instructional Design as a career path
  • Fall 2021 | Began the Learning Design & Technology Graduate Certificate at Harvard Extension School
  • Summer 2022 | Worked as sole Instructional Designer for a nonprofit's new education initiative
  • Fall 2022 | Began my first full time learning design job at the SaaS SEO company Semrush
  • Winter 2022-23 | Completed my Graduate Certificate in Learning Design & Technology at Harvard Extension School
  • Spring 2023 | Expanded my network of learning and game designer peers as a Conference Associate at Game Developers Conference '23
  • Summer 2023 | Something interesting, I'm sure...
Greenleaf Innovation LLC | Est. 2024
by Micah Greenleaf
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